Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Epic Twilight Birthday Party (Part Three)

I know, I know. Bad Blogger, shame on me for leaving you hanging....right - who reads this anyway? LOL - no seriously, does anyone really read this?

Okay enough with the pitty party and onto the Twilight party photos!

So we've gone over the set up and all the details, the fantastic Forks sign, and now here's some action shots of the fun and mayhem that ensued!

Me as Bella, with "the truck"

Okay so it's not the right truck, I know - fortunately for me, my truck did arrive shortly after this photo was taken....check out Marta who one the Best Costume prize, for being dressed as Bella's Truck:
The Back of the truck, complete with license plate and bumper stickers!
And don't forget the "headlights"
As you can see bu the above photo, "Alice Cullen" also made her debut in her New Moon outfit!
And "Robsten" even showed up.....
And so did some Volturi - no that's not red eye from the camera - it's contacts! Mary Jo (on my left) was Renata - Aro's shield, and Felicity (right) was just...well creepy! LOL As you can see I'm a little scared...

Here we have Volturi, Bellas Truck, Dr. Cullen, Victoria and Rosealie

Here's the other Rosalie
Add ImageIt was a great night filled with fun and WINE! I snapped a few shots of the gifts that I got from all my most wonderful friends and family. I'm starting with the gifts from a friend, Melissa, who coulnd't be at the party :0(

We all saw my Happy Birthday Wish from N*Sync, right? well - here's my Happy Birthday from The Hillywood Cast - this is a photo of Melissa dressed as Victoria, with the cast, she had them all sign for my birthday!
I can now hang this next to the one they sent me for my 1 year anniversary!
As if that wasn't enough - I also got an autographed copy of Bran Hambric by Kaleb Natire (the Original Twi-Guy) sent to me from Melissa as well! (not to mention the 3 shirts for me and onsie for Ellie all Twi-related!)
And here's's insaine! Now I actually own Twilight stuff other then the movies! I have the greatest friends ever!

And that concludes the party posts! Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed my party!


Tami said...

Amazing party! I am having a twilight, eclipse movie bday party in a week for my 37th. I have been searching for ideas & found so many. Due to funds I have been collecting for months now! I am so happy to know I have not lost my mind. LOL!! My husband seems to think so. Happy belated birthday.

Amber Sweeney said...

Ugh looking back on these photos of me makes me cringe! So close to having had my daughter I look so different!

Thank you for the compliments on the party - I started early collecting too but I had some help on the cost as part of my gift from my mother in law. I hope yo'll come back and link me to some photos of your party!!!

Fyn Forbes said...

Great post!! and if you were wondering if anyone reads...i did. This time of year my inner twihard comes out and i get soo hyped up for the movie releases! Im planning a breaking dawn party for this saturday and my poor husband has heard me non stop talking about decor, favors, and of course his honey do list! So im glad to see others are as dedicated as i am!

zerry ht said...

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