Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who Got The Coolest Birthday Gift This Year...

Okay so back in the day I was quite taken by N*Sync - who wasn't...I mean really...hello Justin! Anyway, as my birthday party was this past weekend (don't worry, photos to come) I was sad to find out one of my besties couldn't attend - but given her reason I was ok with it. She was going to work a charity golf event in Vegas with the member of N*Sync, among others.

Jokingly I told her to carry around a wrapped gift box and find Justin, and have him do the "Dick in the Box" thing for my birthday and get it on tape. Well, she couldn't get to him in time for him to do it so instead I got the ext best thing - take a peek at what Chris Kirkpartrick of N*Sync had to say to me:

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