Friday, October 23, 2009

The Epic Twilight Birthday Party (Part Two)

As promised, birthday photos and party info is back.

I'm going to start off with the crown jewel of my party - the Forks sign. My husband built it, my sister painted the circle and it was quite possibly the coolest thing.

He used fence panels, cut out each individual letter and painted them, he wanted it to look authentic. While it's much small then the real sign, it is a damn good copy! (BTW, this sign is for sale if you are interested!)

Here's the real sign:
And here is my sign:
I'm being attacked my Rosalie and Renata (Aro's shield, for those of you unaware of who she is)
The Process for building this was a long one, it went little by little. With 2 kids and work it was hard for my husband to find time. And the circle on the sign didn't even get painted until the night before the party!

Moving on, my Jepordy board. I sadly don't think I got a good photo of this I need to put it back together and take one, until then here's me with it in the background, never mind my funny face...LOL, this was about a bottle of wine in for me.

I made 2 games, 6 categories each. On the other side of every number was a question, and I had the answers printed off in hand. We played 3 teams of 2 for each game so more people could play. The only issue we had was figuring out who got their hand up first to answer...LOL

The board is 2 pieces of black foam board with the question held on with thumb tacks. I printed the questions and numbers on regular printer paper then backed them on red cardstock for sturdiness and a better look.

To keep track of who won what, I made "Twilight Money". I downloaded ths template in the $100 note, then filled in the circle with random photos from Twilight and cast memebers.


I made a total of $1300 to have enough. I loved them and so did the guests!
Thoughout the night I had random games, like "do you have in your purse" for small door prizes and what not. A few things I gave away were glass red apples, Twilight Buttons, warm fuzzy socks labled "To keep you warm on cold Forks nights" and so on.

The big prizes were for the costume contest, and the 2 winning teams of Jeopardy

The 3 main gifts were themed, one Alice, one Bella and one Rosalie. Each with items those chrachters would use/like.

Bella - travel bag with all the things she would need for her "human moments", toothpaste, deodrant, shampoo ect. I also included none themed stuff like Twilight buttons and socks.

Alice - a travel bag with pedicure items in it labled "for all the hostange pedicures", also a Magic Eight Ball so they too could see the future like her, body spray and socks

Rosalie - jewelry, a mirror to look at her self in, a travel bag with body spryas, tide wipes and mini Febreeze labled "For that pesky werewolf smell" and lipstick.

Now onto the food. Of course we had Mushroom Raviolli! But as I do not like mushrooms, we also served spaghetti and meatballs! All the food was lovenly hand made by my fantastic mother in law! There was no canned sauce here!

We also had a MASSIVE veggie tray with the "Edible Art Bella?" sing near it and dog bone shaped cookies in dog bowls labled FIDO:

Tomorrow I will do Part Three, the final installment with party photos and the costumes and winners! Stay tuned!

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