Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ellison - 2 Weeks

Ellison had her 2 week appointment yesterday, and it went really well!

She's grown a quarter inch, gained almost a full pound since birth and is still just as perfect as she was the day we had her!

Her official stats for 2 weeks are:

Height: 19.5 inches - which puts her in the 18th percentile
Weight 7.5 lbs - which puts her in the 23rd percentile
and her head circumference is 13.25 inches - which puts her in the 4th percentile.

Ellie is doing great and Paige is loving the big sister life. She's an awesome diaper fetcher, bottle holder and pacifier finder! It has been a little challenging for me to find time to make sure Paige has things to do, I find she's been watching a little too much tv and I hope that passes soon as Ellie gets older and I don't feel that we need to keep her inside as much.

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