Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TV Stars!

This morning my sister Ashley and her daughter Katia were interviewd by KARE 11 news about a heart condition they both had, and had fixed in totally different ways: patent ductus arteriosus or PDA.

I went over to be her moral supprot as Ashley tends to clam up a bit when she's the center of attention and to lend a hand with Katia during the interview. I think my sister did really well, and of course Katia stole the show with her impersonation of a puppy that showed at the very end of the interview.

Here's a link to the story itself:

Ashley & Katia's KARE 11 Interview

And the video should be on the same page, though I am having a hard time at the moment locating it. If I can get it on here directly I will!


Kelly said...

How exciting!

Kate said...

The video is on the same page, in the upper right hand corner - I caught a glimpse of you, Amber!