Saturday, June 6, 2009


Paige had her first soccer game on Thursday night. I made it a point to waddle my fat butt down to the field behind our house because I couldn't bear to miss it. I know I'll miss game 2 and possibly 3 since Ellie is joining the Sweeney clan on Monday. I hate missing her sporting events, even for good reason.

Here's a few shots my my little "Raiger" making soccer kleets and the color orange look better then anyone! She scored 2 goals this game, and I swear there is nothing better then the look on her face when she accomplishs something she didn't think she could! Priceless! More the worth the waddle down!

Huddled Up With Coach Daddy
Showing Off Her Mean Side
After Her First Goal of the Game
After Her Second Goal of the Game
Never too Busy for a Smile!
Stay Tuned for more Soccer Girls Team Updates!


disenchanted said...

fantastic! x

mrs shortcake said...

One day left! Best wishes to the whole Sweeney clan!

disenchanted said...

as i write this youre either a mum again, or in labour, good luck and hope youre both ok, sarah xxxx

Heather said...

how cute is she? Kat just finished up her second season. Had to do it cuz Jordan does it. Signed up for fall. It wasn't so bad when jordan was the only one in soccer. Now with 2 - 3 practices a week and 2 games on Saturdays I'm starting to dread soccer season - only because Christiano is so little still.