Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Update...

I've kept you waiting long enough and I apologize. It's been a bit busy here with Paige and Ellie, and today actually is the first day I will be going at this alone. Alex went back to work, reluctantly this morning.

So far things are great, Ellie sleeps most of the time, Paige is a great big sister always wanting to help and is also completely grossed out by my pumping - or what she calls "breast milking". She asked if she had that when she was a baby, and Alex said "Yes, for a while you did" to which she replied "Ew, that's nasty"

Here's a few photos of our past week, from the new born session attempt I made. I promise to keep you more updated with more interesting blog posts soon! I promise.

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withoutadornment said...

She is too cute - congratulations!