Thursday, June 25, 2009

Go Back To School!

Having a high school diploma is apparently not a requirement for being employed by Washington County Government Center. I came to realize this many years ago but it was reconfirmed for me with Ellie's birth certificate verification paper work arrived in the mail the other day.

The paperwork was filled out in the hospital and WCGC sent the info back to me to "yay" or "nay" before they print the final birth certificate. Everything on it looked good until I got to the "Country of Birth" for Alex.

On the paper work I put "UK", which means what class....? The United Kingdom. Very good.

The loser who inputed the info from Ellie's paperwork obviously missed that day of school because what the verification paperwork said was that Alex was born in the Ukraine. Now I understand, Ukraine starts with U and K, however how dense are you to not know that stands for United Kingdom? The proper abbreviation for Ukraine, for those of you wondering is UA.

Shouldn't people who have to input this vital information be at least given some type of key to reference for just such these issues? I'm contemplating printing one off and mailing it back with the corrected information just so they don't have this issue in the future.

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Sarah said...

Ha! Its amazing the stupid people that are around us every day! :o)