Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Love Mail!

Stalking the mail man pays off!

Yesterday I got the package I have been waiting for, my order from Bubbles & Bows Boutique .

I don't think I was even in the house completely before I started ripping the thing opening and started oohing and aaahhing over each item.

Here's my haul!

Custom made Burper with Ellison's name on it
Awesome Bow Band (bow is removable and able to be used as a hair clip later when she has hair to put it in!) and Matching Custom Twilight Onsie
Another Bow Band and Onsie Set - Twilight again (only you real fans will understand this one)
And this was an added bonus suprise for me, a custom Diaper Wipes Case with "Ellie" embroidered on it! In my favorite colors no less!
I also got a Boppy Cover, which I have not photographed yet. It fits so much better then the Boppy Brand cover I had previously for my Boppy! Love them!

And - the best photo of all - Ellison wearing her Newborn set and showing off her very first smile caught on camera!! Never mind the quality - I took it with my iPhone with no flash.

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