Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peter Says Hello...

On Friday night of Twi-Tour last weekend, my sister in law Debbie got to hang out with Peter Facinelli....yes...Dr. the bar of the hotel and chat. As she knows I'm a Twitter addict, not to mention overly obsesswed with Twilight - and thinking I was still up with Ellie at the time asked Peter sent me this shout out:

After I started breathing again, picked my poor abused iPhone up off the ground and woke up Alex to show him...I called my sister in law to tell her how much I loved her.

What maked this utterly awesome thing, even better was that when I made it to Twi-Tour Saturday night I found out I was quite the topic of interest on Friday...everyone wanted to know who Amber Sweeney was and why Pether was sending me a shout out!

Oh yea, I'm that big of a dork that I find that amazing!

Here's Debbie and Peter:

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Kate said...

That's awesome!