Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Obsession...

Move over Twilight, I've got a new obsession that is sharing first place with you.


I know, I SWORE I wouldn't even get into it, but I really started very innocently. Maybe you have heard of the Twitter Bet between Peter Facinelli (Dr Cullen) and his friend Rob DeFranco? Well I signed up to help Peter win. He did and soon we had a grown man dancing in a bikni down Holywood Blvd.

Oh it was worth it.

But NOW, well now I'm a tweet tweeting here and a tweet tweeting there. Every where a Tweet Tweet. I'm Old Miss McSweeney! In fact I have an iPhone app that actually TWEETS at me when I get new Tweets. Have I used the word Tweet enough for you? LOL.

So, if you Tweet - follow me! I'm @acsweeney

1 comment:

disenchanted said...

you even tweet more than me