Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It Doens't Get Much Better...

We're still breathing on this end I swear! Between, doing the mom to two thing, the wife thing, the twitter thing, the myspace thing and the facebook thing - not to mention actually having friends that don't live in my computer - the blog thing fell to the end of the list...sorry about that!

I had a great weekend with my awesome sister in law Debs at Twi-Tour in Minneapolis. I got to meet members of the cast of Twilight (*enter uncontrollable stupid giggle here*) like Edi Gathegi who plays Laurent, Bronson Pelletiere and Chaske Spencer who play Jared and Sam of the wolf pack. And Christian Serratos who plays Angela. They were all so gracious and down to earth - it was great!

On top of meeting all them, I got the opportunity to meet the cast of The Hillywood Show. I will admit, I had not seen their parodies before attending the Twi-Tour, but have become a serious "Hillywood Show Pusher" since checking it out.

Hannah and Hilly Hindi have amazing talent and if your not a fan of Twilight (gasp! how dare you) then check out The Dark Knight parody of which Alex and I re-watched three time last night alone! Follow the links below to check it out! I bet you anything you'll be watching it 3+ times a day like I am!

Click here for The Dark Knight Parody

I managed to be lucky enough to not only chat with "Jasper" (Drew Lorentz) and "Edward" (Jacob Jost) in the elevator earlier in the day, but also at the Vampire Ball, which the Hillywood Show cast hosted. Here's a few shots from the night. I feel HUGE standing next to the sweet little Hindi sisters in these photos...damn baby weight! :0) It actually kills me to look at some of these photos of me, I look me I'm wearing a fat Amber suit! Blah, only 11lbs left...

Ashley, Me, Debbie & Shannon before the Vampire Ball
The Hillywood Show Cast
Myself with "Jasper" and "Alice"
Ashley with "Jasper" and "Alice"
This groups is so great, they are so sweet and gracious and love to meet their fans. They are truly thankful for the wonderful opportunity they have been presented with and I have no doubt the will use it well and we've only seem the beginning of the careers of this group! It was really an honor to be able to get to know them a little!!

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