Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time is A Flyin'

Ellison is 1 month old already! Can you believe it?

She's growing like a weed and finally getting out of the Newborn size and starting to (very slowly) fit into 0-3 month sizes. I'm worried that all the clothes I bought ahead of time, that are pretty "season specific" won't fit her at the right time and she'll be wearing a Christmas outfit in February...LOL

Paige is also having a great time being a big sister, getting diapers, giving her her "nook", wants to hold her all the time. She's a great sister!

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ams0486 said...

Hello Amber,
I just wanted to leave you a little comment, I was bored at work and googled my name and your sight popped up. You and I have the same first and last name! I thought that was kind of cool. So I started looking at your page and let me tell you, your stuff is really good! I don't know if you are the one that makes the custom baby stuff but regardless its awesome. All of my girlfriends have babies and I told them all about it! Well I just thought I'd let you know it was neat to see someone else with the same exact name!
PS your girls are beautiful! Congrats