Monday, September 29, 2008


It's another Jargon lesson from Amber! You might need these in following th pursuit of us TTC, should you ever find yourself a bit confused and looking for some help - simply go to the labels on the right, and choose "Jargon"

BFN = Big Fat Negative
BFP - Big Fat Positive
TTC - Trying to conceive
BD - Baby Dance (you can figure out what I mean by that on your own!)
POAS - Pee On A Stick (take a preg. test...duh)
(Hey I don't make them up - I just use them on the chat boards and on
AF - "Aunt Flo" (you know, mother natures "gift")

That should get you started.

I know, I'm continually trying to confuse you with, what seems to be almost text message like phrasing on things. Well I assure you, that at least as far as the baby jargon goes, it has been around much longer the then OMG's and AYFKM's of the world (10 point to any NON texter over the age of 30 who can tell me what those onto the actual blog...

Well today's blog is called BFN for a reason, it's exactly what I got this morning when I POAS. I know I'm 4 days out yet from testing, but the box says "results 4 days sooner" and to be honest I'm not really good at waiting...not a strong point for me.

So I planned it all out last night, yes it takes planning. See every morning I have to go to the bathroom at about 5 am. (Never fails!) Well...I didn't exactly think that I would be at my highest coordination level at 5 am, and decided that I probably didn't want to attempt to POAS at that time, it would have ended up a POAH....ewww! What was my totally brilliant idea......hold it in.

Yes this is why I don't work for NASA.

I waited until about 8 am when Alex got up and stumbled into the bathroom like I was drunk, fumbled with the package and POAS. I didn't even wait the whole 2 minutes, or whatever the timing was BFN, and I tossed it in the trash. That line is either starting to faintly show up almost instantaneously, or it's not there and won't be unless you draw the damn line on yourself! I climbed back into bed swearing I wouldn't test again unless AF decided not to visit this month. And I certainly wouldn't be holding it in anymore either because I was in a good amount of pain when I got up at 8 am from that zinger of an idea.

All was well until my conscious got the best of me. Go look at the test again, it said. Double said....has anyone found a shut of button for that voice yet...I was trying to sleep!

After 10 minutes of this I got back up, OUCH! pain from holding it in was still there. Walked like Hugh Laurie in House with out his cane to the bathroom. (Hey I could some of that vicodin) and fished the test out of the trash. Still BFN. Gee sure am glad I made the trip for that.

Back to bed. I limped. After washing my hands of course.

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