Thursday, September 18, 2008

TTC or Not TTC - That is the Question

For those of you not "hip to the lingo" TTC stands for Trying to Conceive, and it has been a topic of conversation between Mr S and I for sometime.

At first the question was when we would start to try. A year after marriage went to 6 months, which then turned into right away but hopefully before christmas. The it was "were not really trying our hardest but if it happens, great"

I stopped birth control about 2 months before the wedding. Not being controlled by little yellow pills sure is a wonderful freedom. Not to mention, I am pretty sure that they were responsible for the majority of my irrational moments....stupid hormones!

So we went on the honeymoon, sans birth control and "tried". For someone who's had 2 children since she was 17, both "little surprises" I have to admit when I wasn't immediately pregnant simply from the thought of sex, I began to wonder what the hell was wrong with me. Sure I can accidentally get knocked up like a champ but once I actually start trying....

Yeah and ok, it was a week, it's not like we've been plugging away at this (no pun intended) for years like some couples who can't conceive with out a lot of help. So when we weren't pregnant after a week (gasp!) we decided maybe we will wait until the money situation is under control and we know where exactly we might stick a little bundle of joy in this 2 bedroom house.

We were both ok with the idea, for about a day, and then someone started to think....someone who might be writing this blog....that money is never under control, and our house will probably never really be big enough for our family. It's typical, it's life and if we put those stipulations on things well, hell we probably won't ever have any kids!

So the case was reopened. And by reopened I mean that over a beer, after Paige was in bed, out of the clear blue sky and after 15 minutes of silently watching TV I blurted out "I want a baby"
to which Alex happily replied "Ok", almost laughing at me because of the total indecisive front I had put up about this situation only a week before hand.

Now, we know it's not as easy as it seemed to have been for me in the past....but we're going to try, see what happens and I won't be upset when I'm not pregnant...for more then a few hours or as long as it takes for me to snarf down a pint of Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia ice cream...;-)

Wish us *Babydust* and let's hope I don't change my mind again....hahaha.

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Tayia said...

I wish you all the babydust there is! Me and my soon to be hubby have been having a similar conversation for the past couple months. We were trying for 2 months at one point before we decided to wait. I think I went through 4 boxes of tests at least. I'm pretty impatient. Hope you get happy news soon!