Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Rude!

One of my favorite lines from TV was when on Full House, Stephanie would say "How Rude!" I think that I should have little recorder on me at all times that plays because I seem to always find away to get the one employee/person who's only goal that day is to avoid helping me any way they can and generally is pretty snobby about it too.

This happened to me yesterday with a bank employee, who's name I sadly don't recall or you'd better believe I'd have it up here! I called a near by branch to discuss an issue I was having with my account. Since my bank is still located in Wisconsin I do all my stuff over the phone or online. It's been working out great, until yesterday when I got "Cranky Pants McGee" on the phone.

I had an issue with my account, a strange check had been written for a strange amount of money, and normally when I click on the check number in my online backing account, it will show me a photo of said check. This way I can see that, yes I actually wrote it out and ohhhh look there's my signature. Well this strange check, and this strange amount of money combined with the fact that there was no image of the check, worried me. As it would and should anyone...

I explained the situation to "Cranky Pants" who was mostly delightful still at this point. After my detailed explanation of why I was worried her response to me was an annoyed "Okay?"

So I tried again, cliff notes version this time. Bear in mind this call to the bank is long distance, so every minute she spends being stupid, it's costing me!

She clicked on her keyboard a second, and said "I'm sorry there's no image available of that check."

Thank you Capitan Obvious.

Once more, this time very carefully I asked the same questions I had been asking "Yes I understand that, that is the problem, I need to know what that check is. Since you guys have the check I would like to know if you can look as I don't remember writing a check for that amount.

"Well ma'am, if you wrote in your check ledger then you would know what it was" she replied.

That one stopped me in my tracks. It took everything I had not to climb through the phone and slap her with my shoe.

Since now I was obviously having to defend myself, and we were no longer actually discussing my bank account I went into a lengthy description about how I don't ever, and I mean EVER write checks. How I use the the online banking to keep track of things and how I just changed my name and shredded my old checks so I didn't have the duplicates.

She clicked on her computer again and the conversation that happened next was probably the most ridiculous conversation I have ever had over $2.00. (Grumpy Pants McGee is in italics, so you can keep things straight)

"Well I can tell you what the check is"

Oh thank GOD!

"Thank you" I said

"For $2.00" she replied

"Excuse me?"

"Yes ma'am it's a $2 fee"

"Since when?"

"Always ma'am"

"Okay, then how come every check in the past that have written shows up on my account no problem and I have never had a fee for those?"

"Ma'am I don't know"

"Is that part of the online checking free? The click on the check number, see the image thing?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Then why are you trying to charge me for something that's free?"

"It's policy Ma'am."

"It's the banks policy to charge me for something free, when I've called because I'm worried about possible fraud on my account?"

"Ma'am you can speak to my manager but it's $2.00, and he will tell you the same thing."

"Will that check ever show up on my account"

"Yes ma'am by the end of the week"

"So why didn't you tell me that instead of trying to charge me for something that's free?"

"You didn't ask ma'am"


Is it really that difficult for people to do their job these days! Isn't that what she gets paid for, I don't frickin' work there. Needless to say I called another branch, and was told what check it was 15 minutes later after a little digging. No $2 fee. No sarcasm. No bitchiness

I sure wish I remember her name, I'm in the mood to write a strongly worded letter to her boss.

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Tayia said...

Oh my gosh what a mean lady! I agree with you, "How Rude!".