Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Come on Man....Gimmie The Drugs

Those of you who read my other blog Trip To The Altar, will remember that about a month or so before my wedding I started taking Zoloft. It really helped me stay calm, not freak out and panic at everything, and not randomly start killing off members of the wedding party for sport.

It worked out really well, it did it's job and kept me happy, which in turn kept Alex wanting to marry me. Always a bonus. But not as I sit, a month after the wedding, plans of babies in the future, and knowing that I was never going to stay on it for good, I made the decision to stop.

This had all been discussed with my doctor when I went in to be put on The Big Z in the first place. Never once did she make mention of any side effects or things to look out for once I did stop. So I assumed, stupidly, that stopping would be even easier then starting it. And since starting it caused me to feel sick to my stomach and gag at even the though of water, I was looking forward to an easy jump off. Yeah. Wrong-O! It wasn't easy.

About 2 days after I stopped, I woke up with this desire to scream at anyone in my way. I was beyond irritable, constantly tired, dizzy, you name it I had it. At first I thought - YES I'm pregnant! All the symptoms matched. That little fairy tale was ended when I looked up Zoloft Discontinuation Symptoms and realized they too were all like being pregnant.

For days I have been awake and then in such need of a nap that if I don't find a soft surface to sleep on in 60 second, I will simply lay down in the street if I have to. I have morphed to and from the Good Witch to The Wicked ol' Witch more times in one day then can even be counted. And I am pretty sure that if I don't change soon, Alex is going to lock me in our bedroom and move himself downstairs until this transformation is complete.

It feels like it's tapering off, but I'm still completely unaware why this information wasn't given to me when I started taking it in the first place. Maybe the doctors think it's funny...who knows.

Back to "coming down" LOL!

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