Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm No Movie Critic, But.......

Alex and I are members of Netflix, and I totally love it. 3 movies at a time means 1 that Alex likes, 1 I like and 1 for out great! The trouble is, now that we don't actually have to pay $5 per rental and risk late fees or "restocking fees" as they now call it, we're a lot less picky about what we watch and basically just try to see everything new that comes out. So sometimes we get all excited about a movie, only to sit there dumbfounded when it's over a little upset we'll never get that 90minuts of our life back. Last night was one of those nights.

We watched 2 movies, one with Paige, called "Another Cinderella Story" staring Selena Gomez, who is also in one of Paige's favorite TV shows Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney. And "Prom Night", a horror flick, because I love my horror flicks!

"Another Cinderella Story" was sadly the best out of the two. I say sadly only because I'm 28 and I shouldn't have liked it as much as I did, and be admitting it publicly for that matter. Now, don't worry, the fact that I am picking a tween-ish aged movie over an adult movie is bothering me a little too. I don't know if it's because I liked the music in it, the fact that I used to dance and wish I had stuck with it long enough to actually not look like Elaine on Seinfeld when I go out on the dance floor these days - or the fact Paige loved it. But it was a good twist on an old favorite and if you have kids around that you can pretend to be watching it with..go for it. What have you go tot lose? Besides that, with the competition that it had last night in Battle of the Netflix Worriors, I think that anyone would have picked this over the Horror movie wannabe that we watched after Paige went to bed.

"Prom Night" was a horrible attempt at a Horror Movie. We were sent the "Unrated Version" which in most cases will be a lot more bloody, ten time more frightening, and totally inappropriate. This had so little blood in it I could have seen more watching "A Baby Story" on Lifetime! Even more importantly, the plot and the means of hiding and disposing of bodies was so not believable that I found myself laughing a few times through it, and having to remind myself I was in fact watching a horror movie. Hello People! I get that Horror movies are meant to scare and not necessarily make sense, and I'm not forensic scientist or doctor but but I would assume that if you stabbed someone over a dozen times...there might be some blood on the killer or the wall??? How much does fake blood really cost a studio anyway?

On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 2, I've seen worse, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's rather Suck-ish!

Now I'm not a movie critic, I don't get paid to be rude and annoying. It sure would be great if I did I'd make millions! But I felt that sharing this info with you all was needed...and really - there's only so much a stay at home mom can blog about....Hopefully I find the time to tell you about other movies we watch from time to time...hey maybe I'll get a job with Ebert and Ropert!

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Tayia said...

The part about Elaine on the dance floor was great. Thanks for the reviews. We've been debating getting Prom Night because I thought it didn't look good. Now we know! Another Cinderella Story...I've been secretly wanting to watch this. After your review now it's a must!