Monday, May 4, 2009

Aaah Chooo!

Normal responses to sneezing: "Bless you", Gesundheit", heck even something like "do you need a tissue". All acceptable normal comments, right?

Well yes, unless someone is in my house and I'm the one who's just sneezed. In that case someone would be saying "Did you hurt yourself?" or "Did you wet yourself again?"

Oh yea, the joys of being pregnant are never ending.

My sneezes have been so violent lately I literally almost pull a muscle each time. If my computer chair was on hard wood I would blow myself backwards ten feet from the desk each time. Thank goodness for carpet! And even worse then that, now from time to time I actually pee a little when I sneeze, I'm going to start needing to wear Depends to avoid ruining our furniture soon.

As the pregnancy winds to a close there are a lot of things I will miss about actually carrying my little girl but even more that I won't really miss too much. I can't wait to have full control of my bodily functions back and not be worried that if I sneeze in public that I'll cause a mess like a new puppy. Can't you just see that one happening in line at the grocery store. Ew.

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