Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Baby Shower

My shower was on the 18th of April, and I apologize for not getting the photos up sooner. Seems like I go through spurts of either being extraordinarily tired, or extraordinarily busy. Ah, the joys of pregnancy.

My shower was host by My 3 Moms and I couldn't have asked for anything better! The food was amazing, the cake was beautiful, and the company of all my family and friends was better then any gift I could have received!

Here's a few photos from the big day.

This is the amazing cake my MIL designed and had made by the same lady who made the grooms cake for Alex and all the cookies at our wedding in August, Miss Sarah's Cakery

The cake, is covered in a fondant "blanket" to represent the beautiful white blanket MIL crocheted for for Baby Sweeney as part of her baby shower gift.

My hands hurt after opening all these wonderful gift! I'm very lucky and blessed to have so many great people in my life! This is one spoiled little Baby Girl I'm having!

My SIL organized a great baby shower game - NASCAR Stroller Racing! It was a BLAST! Guests pushed a doll stroller around a figure eight course in the front yard and competed to see who could get the fastest time.

This is the diaper cake my great friend Staci made for me and Baby Sweeney! I love it!

Looking over the photos taken with my camera, I notice that I don't have any photos of the food, or decorations really. I really bummed out about this because everyone worked so hard on this shower - hopefully someone else got some and I'll put those up when get them.

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disenchanted said...

yay you posted, i thought youd dropped off the face of the earth. the blanket cake is amazing but i LOVE the diaper cake!!!!! so many presents and im glad youre well!