Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello Double Chin!

Oh, what - you can't see it in the photo? GOOD!

Alex took about 14 photos of me this evening where I'm looking directly at the camera, smiling proudly of my huge pregnant belly. None of them turned out, I didn't even look like myself! Even Alex knew before he let me look through them that I was going to hate them.

So, new rule of pregnancy - in order to not photograph my double chin (lovenly names "Leann" by my sister Ashley...ha ha.) I will no longer be looking directly at the camera for photos! At least not until this baby is born!

That being said, I give you the masterpiece that is: 37 weeks Pregnant

A little update, I had my 37 weeks appointment today. The baby's heart rate was 131, perfect. I was dilated to just about 2cm, and Dr Goudge stripped my membranes so when I left I was around a 3 cm - and hopefully this will get things moving right along.

It's almost baby time!

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disenchanted said...

wow, i know i have no reason to be but im excited! lol, the double chin will go when the baby comes! good luck xx