Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

On Thursdays I've been watching my 1 year old niece Katia for a few hours while my sister works. She's pretty low key and naps around that time usually so I really luck out.

Today I was exhausted though, up half the night before with contractions and what not. So after Katia's short nap, lasting all of an hour, I changed her diaper and went to give her a bottle hoping she would be just as content as she had been for the beginning of the day so I didn't have to be required to do a whole lot.

But of course you know, kids never do what you want them to do and she was NOT having her bottle. I sat her on the ground while I sorted out something else to feed her, while she screamed she turned herself in circles and then would lay her self on the ground to continue her fit. I picked her up, she stopped crying immediately...of course yet after holding her for a few minutes, and being 8 months pregnant I couldn't anymore so I sat down and held her. Bad idea.

Resume screaming here.

Tried to offer bottle again. No go.

Crackers. Not a chance.

Figuring she just needed to get it out, and because my arms were tires I sat her back on the floor and off she went with the greatest 1 year old tantrum I have ever seen. I would reach out for her if she wanted me, but she wanted me to stand and not sit holding her and that was not going to happen because I was just too tired to do it.

The tantrum went on for another 2-3 minutes and finally I handed her a magazine off the table as a last resort, on the cover was Robert Pattinson, and 2 other guy celebrities.

The crying stopped instantly. She stared at the cover for a seconed, then pointed directly to Rob Pattinson over the other two guys, smiled and said "Dada!" and then went on to squeal and talk to the cover like she hadn't just spent the last 5 minutes washing my floor with her tears.

I took my chances and picked her and the magazine up and sat at the table. Offered her the bottle which she took a drink of, then tried to feed to her "Dada" from, as well as the pieces of banana that I have sliced up during the scream fest. She happily jabbered on to the photo in the magazine, yelling 'Dadadadadad!" in between stuffing her mouth, and fed him occasionally until her banana was nothing more then a residue left on her hands from smashing them up.

I guess Robert Pattinson even makes a 1 year old happy as can be. I wonder though who's going to break it to her that he's really not her daddy?

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disenchanted said...

''up half the night before with contractions and what not''

what?? youre in labour? xx