Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Katia! Again...

Just like Paige, my neice Katia got to have more then one birthday party this year. Though It was Katia's 1st birthday so she need a big bash, not just a little family get together! Being the awesome aunt I am, I let my sister have it at my house and helped with all the details which I LOVE doing. I think I'll go into party planning.

Here's a few shots of the big day and all the prep! Ashley and I had a blast setting up.

The theme of the day was a Punk Rock Party for a Punk Rock Princess, my mother was none to happy with the skulls on the cake and tages, but I pointed out they had bows and were pink....she still didn't like it much :0) However it suited Ashley & Katia perfectly.

Cookie Favors - we baked, and frosted 80 cookies that night.

Last minute cake design idea as we (and by we, I mean me) lost the 16 in round cake pan needed to make the original one we had planned.

Birthday Girl and her cake

And of course no party would be complete with out a thank you card made by who else - ME!

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Kate said...

Too cute. Love the skulls with bows!