Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Pregnancy Update from Mommy Central.....

No C-section required!


I was surprised to see that the baby was in fact head down at the ultra sound we had last Friday! The continued kicking on my left upper side, is her feet and the lump I feel on the opposite side is her butt. Most days I think she's trying to dig herself out the side! I may have internal bruising form the beating I'm getting, after I have her.

My doctor has me going in every week now, with the exception of this week as she is on vacation. I can not go into labor this week. Okay, I can.....I just don't want to because I want as much of a chance for her to deliver this baby as possible. Basically, if it's office hours, she's on call or not totally exhausted from an 80 work week to come in on her time off, she'll be there.

The ultra sound also determined that it's estimated the baby is a little on the small size. About 5 lbs she said. The machine is never really accurate, it's a "give or take a pound" kinda answer. So I'm trying not to be too worried about it. I, on the other hand am the correct weight. I've gained 24 of the minimum 25-35 required. I'm sure I'll have no trouble putting that extra pound on, and it will more then likely be accompanied by a few friends. Food seems to be a friend of mine these days.

There's nothing more to report on the pregnancy for now. So until next time please enjoy this photo of me balancing a serving bowl on my stomach while taking over sized bites of marshmallow, whip cream fruit salad. :0) Or as I like to call it, "Stupid Human Tricks"

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disenchanted said...

glad shes in position!
hope all goes well!
p.s. i want what youre eating!