Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's A..........Kidney Infection?

Tuesday evening around 7:30 I started to have contractions, nothing major but I decided to use my handy little iPhone and the application iContraction to keep track, just in case. They weren't regular in anyway, until later that night when they were about 90 seconds long and every 5 minutes apart.

I woke up Alex at 1 am to tell him they weren't going away, and we called the L&D department of the Woman's Center where I'm planning to deliver. The nurse on the phone sounded half asleep but said that it sounded like I was in labor but I was free to stay home until my water broke. Being the hour it was, I did stay home, toughed it out and tried to sleep.

Alex and I went into the clinic first thing in the morning and had a variety of tests done. I was hooked up to the monitor and was definitely having contractions, but also Baby wasn't moving around quite as much as they liked so I then had to have what they call a bio-physical" where they use the ultrasound machine to monitor certain things on the baby for a time to make sure she is ok. She passed that part of the test, completing all the movements and things they needed her to.

We did a urine test and sure enough the constant underlining pain I was feeling between contractions, is due to a kidney infection. I had a lot of these with Paige's pregnancy but figured I'd get past this one with out one. Wrong! I'm taking amoxicillin, which by the way in case you didn't know - turns your pee bright orange so don't be alarmed (as I was) when you see it.

I'm still incredibly tired and the whole house has come down with some sore throat thing that's adding to the fun! Other then that, looks like we're staying pregnant a little longer. Which is good. I realized last night I had a bunch of things left to do :0)

We'll keep you updated on baby's arrival or delay when we have more information!

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