Thursday, May 28, 2009

She's Graduated!

Okay, so it was only from preschool, but none the less it was rather moving to see my little girl get her "diplotah", as she calls it. Paige was the most vocal of all 22 kids, announceing on one occasion that I did not like spiders, even little ones. And then hollard out at a quiet moment that she had a "huge wedgige" and proceeded to yank it out in a very unlady like manner in front of everyone. Thank goodness they had her in the front row, I would have hated for someone to miss her pink underwear.

She only managed to get in trouble twice, once for sticking her hand in front of the projector making it difficult for people to see the photo slide show, and the other was during a song she was forbidden to hold the boys hand next to her because he was pulling her back and forth instead of swaying like they were supposed to. She was the only child to get into trouble more then once, but if you're going to do something you may as well do it

After all the songs and photos, they put on little blue paper caps they made and lined up to wait for their names to be called so they could walk down the isle and cross the bridge and shake their teachers hand.

Here's out little graduate!

Singing The Grand 'Ol Flag

Waiting For Her Name To Be Called
Proud Little Girl!

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